Drug detox rehab AZ

Drug detox rehab AZ

When you decide it is time to quit drugs or alcohol for good, the path to recovery that you select will either help or make the battle more difficult. Many people are unsure whether they should quit cold turkey or enter a drug detox rehab in AZ for additional support. Research is key, and finding the right drug and alcohol rehab nearby is even more important.

What Do You Know About The Addicted Brain?

Many wonder how someone can make conscious choices to consume drugs even when they know its dangers. The brain is the answer. The human body is comprised of chemicals, just like drugs. Once you ingest drugs, they get into your system and alter brain function. Drugs can impact your cells and how they transmit and receive information. At the top rehab centers in Arizona, you will also learn how different drugs can have varying impacts on the brain, including:

  • Binding to brain receptors
  • Imitating the natural chemical messengers in the brain
  • Overstimulation of the reward circuit in the brain
  • Inundating the brain with high levels of chemicals

The nature of the impact of drugs on your brain, along with addiction, varies depending on the drugs used. For example, marijuana works to put out similar chemicals already found within the natural neurotransmitters in your brain, yet sending abnormal messages. This is what creates the feeling of being high.

While taking part in a drug detox rehab in AZ, you will learn that other drugs can be much more addictive. Drugs such as methamphetamines and cocaine impact nerve cells in the brain, causing them to put out unusually high levels of natural neurotransmitters. These drugs can also keep the natural brain process from recycling transmitters between the neurons. Such a change can mean a different, more addictive high due to the overstimulation of the reward system – generating feelings of euphoria.

Entering A Drug Rehab And Detox Facility

There are numerous situations where being in a safe setting at a drug rehab that offers detox is best. If you or your loved one has been using hard drugs or high levels of alcohol for quite some time, medically-supervised detoxification is imperative. Having guided support before moving into a long-term drug rehab will help an addict to get the care they need in the initial phases of withdrawal. Without such supervision and support, there can be dangerous and even life-threatening issues, including seizures or death.

Silver Sands Recovery – Arizona Addiction Treatment

When you know that you need the right level of support and medical supervision for detoxification, we are here at Silver Sands Recovery. We understand the importance of safe detoxification, and our team is ready to help you move through this phase so that you can work on treatment for your addiction in a comfortable setting.

Whether you seek drug detox rehab in AZ for yourself or a loved one, you will find everything you need at our beautiful facility. We invite you to give our staff a call at (833) 723-0387 to get help for yourself or a loved one dealing with addiction before it is too late.

Drug detox rehab AZ

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