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Hamden CT Laser Eye Surgery

Hamden CT Laser Eye Surgery

Why Hamden CT Laser Eye Surgery Is A Better Choice

There has been a drastic increase in the demand for Hamden CT laser eye surgery because of certain benefits or advantages. These advantages have been outlined right below.

Improved vision

The most important reason a lot of people now prefer Hamden CT laser eye surgery for their eye defects is improved vision. This implies that the procedure is very effective. According to a reliable medical report, an estimate of about 95 percent of the recipients of this treatment got a visual acuity of 20/40 and they encountered a tremendous improvement in their vision.

Permanent result

If you undergo Hamden CT laser eye surgery, you are likely not to have issues with your eyes again. The only time you may need to see your ophthalmologist again is when you are having an age related eye issues. In fact, after the surgery, you won’t need to wear any contact lens or other eyewear anymore.

Quick recovery

Of course, you can’t drive home after the surgery but by the following day, things would have normalized with you. On the average, most recipients of the treatment usually return to their lifestyle within just 24 hours after the procedure.

Cost effectiveness

This point may get you confused because the cost of laser surgery is relatively higher. Here is the thing. Other alternatives to this procedure are not likely to give you permanent solution. So, you may need to keep paying for further treatments. Even if you rely totally on your eyewear, you may have to change it numerous times.

Needless to say you will part with some money each time you change your eyewear. The big question is, do you know how many times you may have to change your eyewear? This is where laser surgery is much more cost effective. It is done once and its result is permanent. After the surgery, you won’t need any eyewear again and neither will you need to go for further treatment.

It offers total freedom

Unlike some treatments, you don’t need to worry about stitches or having bandages around your eyes for some days. Laser surgery does not require that. After the procedure, your total recovery will only take 24 hours or 48 hours on rare occasions. You don’t even have to worry about taking a dip in the ocean as it won’t affect your eyes.


Since it has been proved that the vision of people that are younger than 18 is still changing, they are not eligible for the procedure. In fact, some doctors will not even recommend the procedure for you if you are not at least 21.

Pregnancy may change the measured refraction of the eye, so pregnant women are not eligible for the treatment. You should let your doctor know if you are on any medication because it is not medically advisable for people on certain medications to undergo the procedure.

Laser eye surgery is not recommended for people suffering from retinal disease, cornea disorders, cataracts, and glaucoma. In fact, if you have any medical condition, you should let your doctor know. He will decide if you are eligible for the surgery or not.


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