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Home health agencies need a good home care software to manage day-to-day operations. Notably, the software performs various tasks in the clinical, residential, and administrative sides of the agency. Choosing a good software that’s compatible with your agency is imperative to maximize productivity and minimize delay.

What Significant Features Should I Look for When Choosing a Home Health Software?

A home health care software should be simple and seamless to ensure optimal efficiency and accuracy without the worry for delays or system errors. The following features are necessary for a home health software:

  • Web-based installation. Software that don’t require manual installation are more efficient than software that do. They not only diminish the need for a technician to set the system up, they also expedite the installation process and minimize the cost. Web-based installation allows the agency to install the software themselves with the use of a browser.
  • Cloud-based data storage. Storing data in a cloud allows multiple staff to access said data from their own devices. This makes it easier and faster for staff to obtain information anywhere they are. Cloud-based data storage also has very high scalability when it comes to maximizing the storage space; a feature that comes in handy for a growing home health agency.
  • Cross-device optimized. A good home health software should be accessible across different platforms and devices. A Software that is integrated across different devices ensures that the agency staff can access the software no matter what device they are using.
  • Online/offline documentation. Power outages are one of the usual causes for software delay. A software that functions both online and off removes the chances of delay caused by power failures. Having the option to use the software from a handheld, regardless of network connection, gives the agency a smoother user experience especially in clinical documentation.
  • Intuitive User Interface. An instinctive UI allows different kinds of staff to easily access and navigate different features of the software. This also makes the training easier to administer since a good UI design makes the software understandable.
  • Fully-integrated. A good home health software integrates its different features in one seamless product. Not only does it make the process less complicated, having a fully-integrated software that can be used by each department in an agency ensures that everyone is aligned and on the same page.

What Sets Alora Apart From Other Home Health Software?

Alora Home Health Software is founded on simplicity and convenience. The software specializes in streamlining its different features and functions in order for the agency and its staff to use the application without hassle. Whether you are using the software for administrative or clinical tasks, it provides you with all of the features in one easy to use application. Unlike other home health software, Alora’s software trainings and demos are also tailored to each agency’s specifications. This ensures that the agency’s specific needs and focus are addressed.

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