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Repetitive Shaking Tracking

Repetitive Shaking Tracking

Where to Get Repetitive Shaking Tracking 

If you have a family member, friend, or colleague experiencing seizures or epileptic-like attacks, no need to worry because Smart Monitor has generated a new approach in responding to people with this condition using technological advancement and integration systems that automate manual emergency calls and advances responding system.

Our Product for Repetitive Shaking Tracking

Our company provides smart watch inspire in which an ordinary watch is transformed through a built-in system of the tracker, motion detector, GPS locator, Bluetooth info sender, data, audio, or analytics recording, and a lot more. These features entirely help the user to seek help during incidental seizures that might threaten his life. Thus, we created an easier for them to call a family member or seek a medical provider or private physician.

We cater our product for residential use, medical institutions or hospital use, and for doctors or clinical attendants for them to achieve peaceful monitoring of patients, more secure hourly or daily care, and can help patients to become more independent and decrease reliance to their nursing aids. Our wearable and compatible device products mainly feature abnormal motion detector, activity as well as a sleep tracker, heart rate recorder, GPS locator, alert system, access and records event data, audio file recording, and summon help emergency button when needed.

Our smartwatch is Bluetooth enabled which can be connected to any android phone to access and send significant data recorded during incidental events including the heart rates, time frame and trend of rate fluctuations, and a lot more. The success of our products is made possible through our research partners that supported us up until the actual launching and distribution of products. Few of them are Boston Children’s Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine, UCSF Medical Center; including our partners in the advocacy of formulating a patient help system which is the Epilepsy Foundation, Epilepsy Group in Southern Oregon,, Danny Did Foundation, The Matty Fund (for Epilepsy), Eric’s Corner, National Seizure Disorder, The Epilepsy Warriors, and Chelsea Hutchison, and many others.

Moreover, our product feature depends on the type of smartwatch plan you choose. There are three types: bronze, silver, and gold. The bronze plan includes 3 main features such as a detector, alert cancel system, and 1 contact for an instant alert emergency. Silver plan, on the other hand, includes all bronze package with additional PERS help alert, snooze sound settings, at least 4 emergency contact inclusion, and symptom report auto-generation systems. Lastly, the gold package covers all the silver and bronze features with an additional audio recorder, data collector of heart rate irregularities, unlimited inclusion of emergency contacts, reminder alert for medicines, and tracker of human activities.

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If you are interested to know and learn more about the features and usage of repetitive shaking tracking device you may visit our Smart Monitor website at, and you may also use the online message form in the site when sending us a message or comments. To make it more private and detailed, you may also reach us through email at or call us at these numbers: 1 888 334 5054 (Toll-Free Number) or 1 408 754 1695 (International Number).

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