Residential Drug Treatment Centers

Scottsdale Recovery is one of the best residential drug treatment centers with a dedicated team of therapists and clinicians. We use multiple evidence-based therapies and holistic treatments to identify and address addiction's underlying causes and triggers.

What can I expect with inpatient treatment?

Inpatient or residential rehab involves receiving rehab treatments and therapies at an enclosed facility between 30 to 90 days or more. During intake, you can expect to undergo a comprehensive physical and psychiatric assessment from the clinical staff. The clinical team will then create a personalized treatment program to help you achieve your wellness goals. On a typical day at residential rehab, you will participate in a series of psychotherapies, individual and group therapies, support group meetings, and holistic treatments.

Besides, you can expect to receive around-the-clock clinical care and individual attention from the clinical staff during your stay at one of the inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers. The inpatient treatment program also helps recovering addicts develop a routine and structure, which plays a pivotal role in maintaining sobriety in the long term.

The ideal candidate for inpatient treatment

Inpatient treatment offers the highest level of care and support to individuals battling substance abuse disorders. This type of treatment is ideal for:

  • Individuals suffering from a moderate to severe level addiction condition.
  • Individuals with co-occurring mental health issues.
  • Individuals who can't take postpone their work or school-related commitments for rehab treatment.

Residential treatment can help you heal and recover in a safe, supportive, and stress-free environment, far from everyday stressors. More importantly, it can help you meet and develop lifetime bonds with peers at rehab battling with similar issues as you.

How to make the most out of residential treatment?

Begin by changing your mindset and redirecting some of your unhealthy habits into positive life changes. The recovery process can be frustrating, and it is normal to feel alone at a rehab center. 

Approach inpatient treatment with willingness, honesty, and humility to make the most of your stay at an inpatient rehab. More importantly, be open-minded, stay positive, and put recovery above everything else during your stay at our residential luxury drug rehab.

Benefits of inpatient treatment

Residential rehab is one of the highest effective forms of addiction treatment available with an array of benefits. Some of the top reasons to choose inpatient treatment include:

  • The lowest relapse rates as it empowers recovering addicts with critical coping skills to stay clean in the long term.
  • Residential treatment allows individuals to recover with peer support from fellow recovering addicts. The meaningful bonds that you develop with peers at our luxury alcohol rehab play an integral role in helping you maintain sobriety over the years.
  • Our inpatient rehab offers the highest level of care, clinical support, and structure, offering every luxury addict an immersive healing experience.

Call 602-346-9242 to join Scottsdale Recovery. Ranked as one of the top residential drug treatment centers, our facility encompasses state-of-the-art amenities and offers innovative treatments and customized healing programs. 

Residential Drug Treatment Centers
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Residential Drug Treatment Centers
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