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Soft Wall Cleanroom

Soft Wall Cleanroom

Environmentally controlled cleanrooms are necessary for a variety of industries and uses. When a permanent room is cost prohibitive or when you need the ability to remove the room, a soft wall cleanroom is the perfect solution. There are many features included in these portable clean rooms that make them ideal for a number of different circumstances. They are completely self-contained so they can be set up almost anywhere. Set-up is easy and they are available with locking casters so you can move them around as necessary.

Features of the Soft Wall Cleanroom

Soft wall cleanrooms are filled with plenty of features that make them perfect for many types of uses. They are available in a number of standard sizes so there is sure to be a size that will meet your specific needs. The rooms offer the same important features of traditional clean rooms but are much more flexible. They are free-standing so they can be placed almost anywhere. These self-contained units have their own ventilation and lighting systems built in. They utilize HEPA air filters so they can be used in many various situations.

Soft wall cleanrooms have clear vinyl curtains that are 40 ml thick or they can be fitted with soft vinyl strips that alternate between clear and frosted. The units have a 3M proprietary dual lock system for curtain attachment. The standard ceiling height is 8 feet and has vinyl rock ceiling times. The latch connection system lets you disconnect and reconnect them in a variety of configurations.

Advantages of Soft Wall Systems

There are many advantages to softwall systems over traditional clean rooms. First and foremost, the flexibility of the softwall design lets you install them almost anywhere. You can utilize a large space more easily without having to do major construction. You can choose from a wide array of sizes and you can attach them together to create different sizes or shapes.

Soft systems are self-contained and are very easy to install. They are much more cost effective than permanent installations making them a good investment. You can more effectively use large spaces that otherwise couldn’t be adequately divided except with expensive construction.

When you are in need of clean room solutions for your business, consider softwall systems. They are less expensive than traditional clean rooms yet offer the same features. You can easily install them in almost any location. Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. is the best place to find turn-key controlled clean room solutions for every need. You can order a clean room to meet your exact requirements and needs. Upgrades are available and they come in many sizes and with many options.

Choose frame options, ceiling grid choices, curtain variations, lighting options, air delivery system choices, air conditioning and exhaust system choices and specialty systems for specific purposes. For instance, you can add fire suppression systems, particle counters, anti-static work surfaces and more. You can choose to have the system factory installed, certified and commissioned if you like. Visit our website at today to request a clean room quote.

Soft Wall Cleanroom
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